Randy Loftin For Congress 2012

Endorsed by the California Republican Party
CA District 5


Jobs created in the public section are unsustainable and will not lead to an economic recovery. However, jobs created in the PRIVATE sector will lead to the only real economic upturn possible.

The Obama administration, Nancy Pelosi and Mike Thompson all adhere to public sector job creation as the road to economic recovery.

The way that job creation occurs in the private sector is through the economics of "supply and demand" and the most essential element of this formula is demand. Citizens demand more products and services when they have money to pay for them. Citizens have only 2 ways to create more demand: 1) by earning more money ...i.e. getting and keeping jobs, and 2) keeping more of what they earn thru lower taxes and stable prices.

In the short run, the #1 thing we need to do is cut taxes. This will put more money in the pockets of the consumer. In the long-run we need to return to the gold standard (or a combination of precious metals) and reform the tax system.

Size of Government

The federal government, by any measure, historical or otherwise, is way too big. It costs too much money to run it. It has taken on powers not enumerated in the constitution. It encroaches way too much into the personal lives of the citizens. It takes, involuntarily, too much of the wealth produced by the people. It does this thru threat of force. The government has become like a great big vacuum sucking money out of the public and simply funneling it to special interest groups in the private sector. In order to do all that they have to build, maintain and grow a massive bureaucracy at great and unnecessary cost to the people.

There is a second concern here, in addition to the actual size and unnecessary intrusion issues. That is, the average pay and benefits of federal employees is about 2 times that of private sector workers. Given that the government sector has been the fastest growing part of our economy recently, just how long do we think we can sustain this? Not long, I fear, so we must address this imbalance very quickly before we spin totally out of control.

Failed Leadership

What is leadership? To me it is the ability to inspire, the ability to set a clear path, the ability to discern the difference between the “greater good” and the sanctity of individual freedom.

America was built on and thrives on individual freedom. History is replete with examples of failed societies which fostered the philosophy of the “greater good.” In my view, the greater good is achieved when each individual is responsible for themselves and those he or she chooses as their family. It is not for the government at any level, to force individuals to be responsible for others not of their own choosing. As a culture we have always taken care of those who could not take care of themselves. However, this has historically been taken on by churches, charities, communities, et al. The more the government steps in and forces responsibility for others (upon our shoulders) the more resentment will build, the more divided our people will become and the more freedom will be taken from us.

Obama and his supporters like Mike Thompson, have created the most divisive atmosphere in our short 200+ year history. They have pitted Americans against each other and the battle is now being waged. Whether or not America returns to her founding principles will be to a great extent determined by “who we the people” elect in November 2012.

Mike Thompson is an integral part of this failed leadership and needs to be replaced.

Organizations I Support

So voters can familiarize themselves with some of the critical issues that I am passionate about, please visit these organizations I support: Fair Tax and The Project to Restore America.

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